In a delightful convergence of literature and hands-on creativity, the local library hosted an educational event catered to adolescents and children. The focus of the day was an immersive journey into the world of classic literature, with attendees passionately exploring the pages of timeless literary treasures.

The event also featured an interactive exposition, where the library's spaces came alive with the wonders of nature. Attendees engaged in a sensory-rich experience, connecting the themes of classic literature with the beauty of the natural world.
Designed specifically for the younger audience, the day unfolded with a burst of creative energy in a three-dimensional art workshop. Children and adolescents enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to express their understanding of literature and nature through imaginative creations.

The library's educational initiative successfully blended the joy of reading classic literature, interactive exhibits on nature, and hands-on creative expression. The event not only sparked intellectual curiosity but also fostered a love for learning in the hearts of the young participants, turning the library into a vibrant hub of exploration and inspiration.

Year   2024
Project / Company   Alexandre Vinet School
Category   Cultural Event
Skills   Visual / Poster

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